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  • You feel that working one to one will be the best way to get there.
  • You are good at what you do but don’t feel like design is your strong suit.

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With 20+ years of graphic design and branding experience working with Fortune 50 companies, I can bring a wealth of expertise to the small businesses and entrepreneurs that I’m passionate about helping today. You can learn more about me here.

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How networking grew my business

Solutions are number one with me in my design approach. I was doing mostly postcards, ads, logos, etc. in my graphic design business a few years back. I could complete each project quite quickly and so it meant I was quickly in need of new design problems to solve!
An entrepreneur friend of mine suggested I look for leads at a networking event in Westport, CT, near where I live in New Canaan. So I went. That is where I met Hank Berkowitz of HB Publishing & Marketing Company, LLC. While I gave him my business card and learned a lot from the presenter that day, I thought nothing would come of it.

Not until two years later…

I got an email from Hank asking if I could work with him designing books and whitepapers he was helping to write for clients in the finance industry. I said, “of course!” But it meant quickly getting up to speed on that kind of long-form design I hadn’t really done since my Annual Report days early in my career. I found online courses covering the specific challenges involved and learned from some of the best book designers around. Hank proceeded over the years to send me many good referrals from prestigious Wealth Managers and well-known CPAs all over the country!
I found that I love these projects and working with this type of highly motivated client. I developed a twenty-step process to take the final manuscript in Word to the design I create in Adobe InDesign. Some are white papers of 20-30 pages. Others are hardcover books of as much as 200 pages. Some the author then sells online, while some books and white papers are given away.
Providing the exciting finished product to these professionals who had dreamed of publishing a book, sometimes for years beforehand, is a great satisfaction to me and is why I’m glad book design is a growing specialty of Pat Creedon Design, Inc. And now, whenever I think a networking opportunity won’t amount to anything, I just remember how going to that one event years ago turned out!
Let me know how networking has helped grow your business. Or if you haven’t found that it works for you what does work for you?

I thought I had this figured out

So I thought growing my graphic design business as my sole income once unemployment and severance ran out would be easy. All I had to do was to find more clients! I had a few already while I was still in the day job and doing the business nights and weekends. I could tell everyone I knew who had referred me and more clients would come pouring in. Only… they didn’t. Not cool. What was missing? In my case, it’s because I hadn’t become clear on my ideal client. You know, the one who is the person…

  • Who is a joy to work with
  • Who really needs my help
  • Who recognizes that working with me is worthwhile
  • That will pay what I’m worth, without too much negotiating
  • Who will gain results from working with me (and will write testimonials to prove it)
  • Who will tell others about me and send me referrals

Before I isolated who that person is I would get people that were hard to work with, sure they could get it done cheaper online, not sure they even needed decent design and were unreliable in getting back to me. It’s been a lot easier to get the sort of client I love working with and to describe them to my friends and associates once I had a clear idea of who they were.

To sum up, my ideal client is a business owner or entrepreneur who likes having a relaxed yet business-like, jargon-free graphic designer they can work one to one with as a trusted design resource. Who loves to meet over coffee (if they are in this area, which they don’t need to be) and works well via email and calls. They understand the need for graphic design for all their branding and marketing materials. They see that by having a reliable, creative designer to work with their communications will improve and look more professional. They have no problem with my prices because they know it’s a great investment in their business. They love the results they get. They write testimonials and they tell others about me. If you are or know anyone fitting that description, send them my way. I’d love to meet them.













Who do you describe as your ideal client? Add your comments here!