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Pat Creedon of Pat Creedon Design, Inc. helps businesses set themselves apart through branding and graphic design.

Say you want to up your game in your business. You will try out different sales or marketing techniques. But no matter what, you should relook at your branding to make sure it showcases the quality that you offer your clients in your products and services!

Don’t rely on what you got by on when you formed your business, unless you were the rare entrepreneur that took their branding seriously right from the start. If not, if you rushed to grab something for a logo due to a deadline you had, or you went online and quickly found someone but may never be able to find that graphic designer again, then you need to up your branding game if you hope to grow your business.

A good way to do that is to find a trusted design resource such as Pat Creedon Design. We are based in Fairfield County, Connecticut and work with clients throughout the U.S. You can rely on Pat’s expertise based on 20 plus years working with major consumer brands to help your business  stand out.

Contact us here and get started today. You’ll be happy with the quality of branding results you’ll get with great logo design and graphic design services that will set your business apart!

We are also offering a free digital analysis to help you see how you are doing online! We just need your website address. Contact us to get started.

How Design Helps Inbound Marketing

The result of taking classes and taking a tough test of 60 questions is that I am now officially certified for Inbound Marketing! I learned it through the HubSpot Academy and the encouragement of the group I found that was presenting it via encaptiv online. I did it to improve my own inbound marketing efforts and to be able to advise my clients who are mostly small business owners who come to me for graphic, web, logo design, email marketing, or book design help. It’s important that the graphic designs I create for my customers fit their inbound (or outbound) marketing strategy.

Examples of how design helps inbound marketing strategies

An example of an inbound marketing strategy might be a pdf that people can download that adds value by explaining how to solve a problem the website visitor has. Another may be to update business cards and marketing materials with social media icons. Email newsletters can share valuable insights and links to social media too. These are all great ways to attract customers and grow trust.

Many thanks to Keith Reynolds of TechFWD and the folks who presented with him and got procrastinating me to do this! Also thank you to Ernst Schirmer of Deep Waters Network1 who alerted me to this opportunity. And Bob Anstine of Anstine Marketing who told me originally about Deep Waters Network, one of the last live networking meetings I got to go to before the lock down in 2020!

Next up—Social Media certification!

1 Deep Waters, active as Your Local Business and Jobs Network, focuses on meaningful connections and solid business contacts and relationships, to support our regional and local economy. As of Summer 2021, this is a Network of over 550 professionals, self-employed and business owners. Learn more at:; lead-organized by Ernst Schirmer, Greenwich.

Being a Podcast Guest

I was asked to be a podcast guest a while back and it was a valuable experience. (Go here to listen.) I met the podcaster in a networking group. lyman Bradwell-El is Executive Director of Dabi’s Daughter, a nonprofit helping young women learn the ropes of succeeding in the corporate world through theory, as well as practice. I enjoyed chatting with lyman and giving her my thoughts on business etiquette as it pertains to my past career and to my business now. She has a great conversational style that put me at ease. That was important since I had only done a couple of guest spots on podcasts before.

Being a Podcast Guest
Being a podcast guest can get the word out about you.

Podcasting, is it for you?

How you promote your business can vary so much depending on your audience and your style. To learn more about podcasting as a possibility you can check out this link.

What I discovered for my own business as a graphic designer, is that I am probably not cut out to podcast myself but when opportunities come up it’s good for me to take them. I gain confidence in talking about what I do. I get to chat about topics that don’t normally come up for me. And I feel like I may be helping out a good cause in this case!

Have you ever done a guest spot on a podcast? Do you have your own podcast? How has either helped your business? Let me know in the comments!