Writing a Blog on Design

I’m a visual person for the most part and so writing a blog on design is a little bit of a struggle sometimes. That’s why I like that WordPress tries to help by making suggestions. So I went to get some and one of the “related articles” that came up is my own advice on how to blog! (See second link below.) Hmmm, I just read it again. Good advice! But it’s getting late the evening that I’m writing this (I am scheduling it ahead of time as I suggested) so I’m going to let the articles that are related below speak for me this time. Enjoy!

Learn to Update Your WordPress Site

Smart business owners have both a blog and a website. Often it’s combined in an easy to update WordPress website. I design these all the time for clients and they love them. They have built in SEO and can easily have a custom URL attached to them so it doesn’t have .wordpress in the address. The great thing about these sites is that it’s something the site owner themselves can update. If it’s a little opaque as to how to actually do that, I can help. I know there’s a learning curve to get used to the interface on the “dashboard” of WordPress. I work with my clients or even those that have not hired me to design their websites, showing them around the dashboard. It’s something that can be done over the phone or at a local Starbucks. I also make office calls and certainly can meet at my office too.

WordPress BlogHourly rates or monthly retainer rates are available depending on what works best for your business. The goal is to get you up and running with a confidence in your own ability to update your website. That will only help your business because search engines are always searching for new content to rank websites higher. In other words, if you have a WordPress website and blog, keep it updated with my help and you will have a definite edge for business growth!

Land Customers with a Landing Page

So a whole, multi-page website more than you need or can face right now? Then try a “landing page”. It’s a single page website that gives your company’s basic information like name, address, hours of operation, directions, a list of products or services, etc. It’s great as a way to stake out a place on the web if you don’t otherwise want or feel you need a full website. Or are so busy keeping up with your business that you don’t want to keep up with a website too. (Lucky you!) It’s important to have some web presence though, if only because it’s expected these days and you want to have clear and accurate information available. It’s amazing how much inaccurate information can start to accumulate on the internet if you don’t take control with your own URL and a web landing page at the very least.

Get your business an effective web starter home by having a landing page designed for you by Pat Creedon Design. It’s an easy way to get that extra ease of contact for your customers and to let them know you are technologically aware. For a small investment a landing page can be up and showing off your business to best advantage. Don’t delay, call Pat Creedon at 203-252-0909 today.

Custom Websites, Worth the Investment?

In a previous blog post I made the point that websites are today’s business cards. If that’s the case then do you want a business card for your business? Of course. Then you also should want a website design that reflects your business as well. Being infinitely malleable your website is a much more flexible tool for describing your business than a business card. What would you pay for that? Why would you not want the most useful way to promote your business that today’s technology offers? A website, in other words, is well worth the investment and should be considered as one of your start-up costs. If you aren’t a start-up then to keep new clients coming it’s vitally important to have an effective web presence these days. But no one has to break their budget to get one up and running.

Custom websites visualCustom websites come in all price ranges, so shop around. The web designer you end up with should be someone you feel comfortable with and can contact easily for changes, troubleshooting and updates. I am always running into people who hired someone to do their website and now they need them but they won’t return calls or reply to emails! That’s pretty frustrating. My business plan at Pat Creedon Design is to be very accessible via email, phone, Skype, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and in person to all my clients. I work within budgets and have a reputation for fast turn-arounds when needed. Since I also offer graphic design I can do the promotional materials, ads and direct mail for your business as well. The consistency in having one graphic and web designer on it all plus the reliability of one contact makes for a pleasant and smooth process. For a quote, contact Pat Creedon at pmcreedon@mac.com.