Why I like Pinterest


I recently began “pinning” and though I am not addicted to it yet I can see how one could easily get that way. The site appeals to me a lot because I’m a visual person and it’s mainly pictures. I find people to follow that inspire me with beautiful images. I also like to find intriguing ideas like the new way I bring salad to work, thanks to Pinterest. I saw a photo of a jar with salad dressing in the bottom, vegetables, lettuce then cheese and croutons on the top layer—brilliant! The croutons stay crisp while the dressing stays out of harm’s way. The whole shebang is then dumped into a bowl and voilá, it’s ready to toss. So as a social medium it’s truly fun, helpful and a nice change of pace from the usual wordier sites out there!


Why I like WordPress

I got an email from a client today who had wanted a custom-designed website. Though I have yet to get started he decided he wants to change a lot about the site’s parameters. I saw that he mentioned that he would like to be able to update it himself. A custom site limits updates to the web designer for the most part unless it includes a customized CMS which can be costly. I know he’s on a budget so I suggested a WordPress site that I will customize for his needs. There are many different themes available and each can be customized to a certain extent. Once it’s ready I will teach him the basics of updating it. I wrote a blog post about it (Learn to Update Your WordPress Site) a while back, plus WP has lots of info on it as well. I like WordPress because it meets my clients’ needs, it has many great themes and some SEO is built-in. Blogger is also good and easy to update. That’s where my husband blogs at Drawn-to-Nature.blogspot.com but WordPress has the versatility to work for a wide variety of my clients.