Why I like WordPress

I got an email from a client today who had wanted a custom-designed website. Though I have yet to get started he decided he wants to change a lot about the site’s parameters. I saw that he mentioned that he would like to be able to update it himself. A custom site limits updates to the web designer for the most part unless it includes a customized CMS which can be costly. I know he’s on a budget so I suggested a WordPress site that I will customize for his needs. There are many different themes available and each can be customized to a certain extent. Once it’s ready I will teach him the basics of updating it. I wrote a blog post about it (Learn to Update Your WordPress Site) a while back, plus WP has lots of info on it as well. I like WordPress because it meets my clients’ needs, it has many great themes and some SEO is built-in. Blogger is also good and easy to update. That’s where my husband blogs at Drawn-to-Nature.blogspot.com but WordPress has the versatility to work for a wide variety of my clients.

3 thoughts on “Why I like WordPress

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  3. Any website I do SEO on is either entirely wordpress, or has wordpress added in to it. It is way more versatile than a custom coded site. The benefits are too good to pass up.

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