Do you still need a website?

I was at my brother’s for Thanksgiving and after dinner we talked about what’s going on in our work lives. He is an architect and has a good number of clients he works with. But he said sometimes people ask him if he has a website. I know that’s a common question asked of most small business owners sooner or later. If you are in a position to say yes to that question that’s a very good thing. It’s probably the first place people go after speaking with a business owner and developing an interest in what you offer. If however, due to a steady stream of clients through word-of-mouth or being in a business that isn’t selling a product and hence needn’t compete in ecommerce, you haven’t yet gotten a website, it’s never too late. It can be a simple landing page with only contact info on it or it can be a free WordPress blog that you update occasionally. Whatever it is, it should have a relevant and specific address (URL), preferably a .com since that’s what people assume first, and it should be on your business card.