One critical fact most business owners don’t know

And it may be the difference between gaining business and losing out.

There is a fact that most business owners don’t know that is critical to their marketing. I have an example below from a major company that should know better.

Have you ever seen something printed that looked jagged and strange? This is from a flyer I got a while back:

pixelatedLogoIt was an obvious mistake since we all know that logo is not supposed to look like that.

But what caused it to print like that? The problem was low resolution of a bitmap image.


There are two types of images used in printing, vector and bitmap. Vector is done in programs like Adobe Illustrator and it can be resized up and down with no issues. Bitmap images have to have a certain number of dots per inch (or resolution) to reproduce in print correctly (usually 300 dpi or more). Many people pull a logo or other graphic off their website send it to their graphic designer and say here, put this on my print materials. They don’t realize that the resolution on the web is much lower (usually 72 dpi) than what is required to print something with ink on paper. Of course why should they know that? It’s a piece of knowledge we graphic designers need to do our jobs right but other business owners are very often not aware of it.

Why is this important to any business?

It’s important because knowing the difference between vector and bitmap can make or break your marketing materials. With the wrong type of image or the wrong dpi in logos and images your print materials and ads can go out looking very unprofessional, hurting your image and potentially hurting your bottom line!

If dpi, vector, bitmap, resolution are like another language to you then allow us to keep your print materials looking as perfect and professional as your business deserves!

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