Cars, Caffeine, ​and Creativity

Today our town hosted Caffeine and Carburetors, a car show held several times a year by the local coffee shop, Zumbach’s. I’ve always loved cars and my morning coffee so I went to admire the many exotic and vintage cars throughout New Canaan, CT, where I live and work.

Pat Creedon

Photo by B. Christopher

I invited two of my siblings and we had a really nice time wandering around, catching up, and having lunch at the local diner. We are all in our own creative businesses and so can commiserate about our ups and downs. My take on the car shows is that they bring people together as well as bring business to the coffee shop and other businesses and restaurants in town. I like the creativity of following a passion like the love of cars and using it as a way to promote one’s business. It works so well because it provides a kind of a service to car lovers. My brother says this is always the best car show around that he’s seen. He’s come a few times to see it.