Putting Solutions First

An important part of serving clients is understanding the issues they have and providing solutions for them. If you think about it we all want solutions when we’ve got problems (unless complaining is just our thing). So when looking for a company to help us out, we first want to know if they understand our problem.

Examples of Solving Problems

A site with case studies is a good sign. That way we can see if a similar problem has been solved. I’ve added a few to my website for that reason.

Wellfit graphic and web design by Pat Creedon Design, Inc.
Branding across web, social media and print design

The image above shows how I solved the problem of branding a personal trainer who needed a folder with stepped inserts that described all his services and background. The social media and website branding all matched to make sure his clients always knew it was his brand they were interacting with.

Being aware of the types of problems our clients or target audience has gives us a way to show them we’re able to provide solutions. And who doesn’t like solutions?

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