I did this at first too, now I know better!

Better branding can begin right away

When I first started my graphic design business I felt that I should save money at every opportunity until I was making some. It made sense since I would need money in order to spend it! It led to having to redo basics like my branding, however. (I do that as my business so I could do it without spending money.) But it took a good chunk of time. And time is money! It was a while before I even noticed the disconnect between my lack of consistent branding and what I advertise as my expertise. (Embarrassing!) That may have cost me clients which definitely costs me money. Which brings me to my point. I know from my unfortunate experience that sometimes trying to save money we end up spending more!

Logo as it was used over the years.

Don’t wait (like I did)

If you are starting a business, don’t wait. Get a professional involved from the start to develop your branding so that it really reflects who you are and who you want to attract as clients. It’s one of the best investments a business owner can make!

The Blue Waters Farm logo was one I designed as soon as my client had a name. She has used it on her farm signs and all branded materials since.

If you are thinking about it but still not sure if branding your new business or rebranding your company is needed then contact us for a free discovery session today!