What you should know before starting a business

If you are thinking about becoming your own boss so you can have the freedom of setting your own hours and potentially making much more than a raise would get you at any company you’ve ever worked at then here’s a thing I’ve learned.

To start your own business will take marketing. Lots of marketing! I was the type to think I would be doing graphic design most of every day as a new business owner. After all, I had started a graphic design company! But what I didn’t realize is that to make this work I had to become a marketer …that does graphic design.


Ads and promotions I’ve designed over the years for other businesses.

If the idea of becoming a marketer who does (fill in the blank) doesn’t appeal to you then you may need to rethink the being your own boss thing. But if it excites you, or if you think it will be a nice challenge, then go for it! I’ve found that I really enjoy that part of it. I’m not all that good at it, I’m the first to admit. But I’m willing to do what it takes to market creatively my creative business. I’m happy to share ideas too. Contact me or comment below!