7 Little known facts about what I do all day

As president of Pat Creedon Design, Inc. my day starts with some set routines and some variable ones. Here are seven that seem to be effective for me.

  1. I set positive expectations for the day first thing. Sitting with my Siamese cat nearby or on my lap, I imagine a good outcome for whatever I have on my plate that day.
  2. I usually go to a networking meeting or have coffee (black, no sugar) with someone I’ve networked with or to whom I was referred. This happens 2-3 times each week.
  3. My accountability is kept on track with a couple of other business owners I chat with every weekday at set times. This has helped me a lot.
  4. I follow up with emails (up to 20 per day) because networking is pretty useless without follow-ups.
  5. I work on client projects ranging from book design to logos to email campaigns in Constant Contact to branded marketing materials of all sorts. It’s always different and interesting!
  6. Late in the day as things are winding down and I write my blog, design a graphic for it, and post it. I start a new post but wait to look it again the next day.
  7. I back up my computer!


Those are seven of my routines. What are yours? Get in touch, I’d love to know!