The value of a good filing system

I find I can’t find things that are filed alphabetically. Maybe it’s my creative mind, maybe it’s the generic nature of the ABCs, I’m not sure. I do find that the reason I can’t find things is I just can’t remember what I was thinking at the time I first filed something. For instance, insurance for my car—is it under C for car, A for Auto, I for Insurance or some more obscure idea that I thought made sense at the time?

Using broad categories helps

Instead, I tried to come up with broad categories like money, insurance, car insurance as an alternative. It has a logic that may make finding things easier (I hope)!

But while revising my system I did find interesting artifacts from the past like the time when, as a young teen, I took it upon myself to create a rock garden out of a weedy patch in our backyard. I found my detailed notes on the plants and the sun and shade. It’s in the file too, now in the folder for Hobbies.

gardening notes

From the ancient archives: now filed under Hobbies, Gardening

How does this apply now? When digging through old files I realize my creative passions always needed an outlet, whether through gardening, painting or graphic design. I also know that I can use some creativity to improve my filing systems so that finding what I need will be a snap and not a brain teaser!

2 thoughts on “The value of a good filing system

  1. Filing can be done in many ways. As a lawyer I use classes. Sounds weird but it is based on giving each client a separate number. That number with their name is their class. Everything in, out or done for the client is in that number. It works. The nice thing is you can set up a simple job file in excel to keep track of the class numbers.

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