Want to attract loyal customers?

Be sure you’re doing this.

I really hate going to a business that I think I will like to deal with and then finding out I’m not important to them. It’s a true disappointment because I love being able to support small businesses and then go on to recommend them once they’ve served me well. If you don’t think being customer-focused is important for a small business, think again. It is perhaps the only thing that will set you apart in the mind of that customer from your competition. There are plenty of big brands out there (I’ve worked with some of them) that can beat small businesses on price or speed of delivery or service/product options. But how can they compete if you are showing genuine personal interest in each customer? That’s what will build loyalty and referrals.


My husband needed a new winter jacket. We could have gone to a big box store or department store but we chose a local shop instead. We got great personal attention from an experienced and knowledgeable salesperson. Sure we probably paid more but it was such a good experience we were happy to. I ran into a friend who saw us while we were looking for a place to shop in town. I told her where we ended up and how good the experience was there. She was impressed to hear that and noted it for future reference. Word spreads and spreads quickly if you focus on the customer!

In my business I give my clients a chance to talk through what their challenges are so that I can get a good idea of how I can help. They like talking to someone who’s in a small business like them and who understands how hard it can be to express visually what they do to serve their clients. It’s one way I give personalized service in a way I’d like to get it myself!

Have you found your experience as a client influenced who you work with? Tell me in the comments.