Being a Podcast Guest

I was asked to be a podcast guest a while back and it was a valuable experience. (Go here to listen.) I met the podcaster in a networking group. lyman Bradwell-El is Executive Director of Dabi’s Daughter, a nonprofit helping young women learn the ropes of succeeding in the corporate world through theory, as well as practice. I enjoyed chatting with lyman and giving her my thoughts on business etiquette as it pertains to my past career and to my business now. She has a great conversational style that put me at ease. That was important since I had only done a couple of guest spots on podcasts before.

Being a Podcast Guest
Being a podcast guest can get the word out about you.

Podcasting, is it for you?

How you promote your business can vary so much depending on your audience and your style. To learn more about podcasting as a possibility you can check out this link.

What I discovered for my own business as a graphic designer, is that I am probably not cut out to podcast myself but when opportunities come up it’s good for me to take them. I gain confidence in talking about what I do. I get to chat about topics that don’t normally come up for me. And I feel like I may be helping out a good cause in this case!

Have you ever done a guest spot on a podcast? Do you have your own podcast? How has either helped your business? Let me know in the comments!