Most marketing experts tell you what to do but not how to it. Or else they do but in a tricky to implement way:

  • Too DIY (yuck, you never pretended to be a designer, which makes you avoid dealing with it altogether)
  • Too scattershot (feels out of alignment with your professional services)
  • Too time-consuming (who has time to figure this all out?)
  • Too expensive (you find you’re throwing good money after bad just to get something out there)

But worst of all, these methods of branding your business don’t work because they aren’t YOU. You have to spend so much energy being the person that does what you do best that you don’t have extra energy to engage your potential client with the professional design that immediately speaks to them.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

There is a cost-effective way to get the design that you need and that works. I have an approach to branding your business that frees you up.

This is my signature method that allows you to engage the people that you get to communicate with, without having to feel unprofessional or scattershot in your marketing materials.

You will…
  • Learn to work with me in a way that feels like an enriching, non-jargon filled process that works
  • Find out how design can make you that much more money because you are attracting ideal high-paying clients
  • Make more of an impact, change more lives, and create change in the world because of the clear communication of what you do best
  • Love this process

About Me

cropped-creedon-final-5x7_72dpiHi, I’m Pat Creedon, Owner, and Founder of Pat Creedon Design, Inc. I’m a graphic designer that works with financial professionals and entrepreneurs who struggle with finding a responsive, dedicated graphic design expert who “gets” them and that would like to have a published book, white papers; business print or online materials designed to reflect their brand.

What’s the Difference?

What sets my services apart from other graphic designers and graphic design firms is that I have an extensive background working on major consumer brands, I have a Bachelors from Parsons School of Design and I love building my own business so I love working with those who are passionate about building their businesses.

Because of my focus on graphic design and branding, my clients receive the high-level attention that showcases their brand, their personality, and expertise and helps them attract the right kinds of clients to their businesses.

How is it done?

I have a network that places you in the capable hands of a highly experienced writer/editor/PR person with a background in finance. If a strategy is needed another expert in my network will take you through the process of fitting the graphic design and branding into your overall business objectives. If the strategy calls for the design of a book, book cover, and the charts that may be needed for illustration, the publishing alternatives and distribution outlets all can be handled by me and my team.

Want to know more?

I work with entrepreneurs and financial professionals all over the country but if you happen to be in the New York Metropolitan area perhaps we can schedule a coffee, otherwise, we can have a get-acquainted call after you take some time to do a short questionnaire I will email to you.

I am also a Partner with Constant Contact so if you are interested in email campaigns, we take care of the details so you can concentrate on what you do best. Get in touch today!

consumer brand logos

Some consumer brands I’ve worked on in the past.




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