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Why Graphic Design?


As a creative at an agency where the clients were well-known brands such as those shown here, I got a lot of great experience designing impactful communications to grow those brands.

As President and Founder of Pat Creedon Design, I provide entrepreneurs and small business owners with that same expertise, so they benefit even if they are not nationally known!

I want my clients to successfully show how they serve their clients by giving them the advantage of high-quality graphic design.

Our Graphic Design Expertise

My Team and I have lots of experience

I rely on trusted strategic partners to help where needed in our three areas of focus.

  • Logo Design

    Many a successful small business has been launched with Pat Creedon Design logos. Our design for a fund raising campaign is also helping a nonprofit.

  • Web Design

    My strategic partner in Canada helped me with this website. I also work with local web designers and developers for a well-rounded selection of approaches to serve my clients.

  • Book Design

    As I grow this design specialty I draw on the expertise of an ebook designer, editors, ghost writers, and publishers to get my clients’ expertise out to the world in their books.

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graphic designer - Patricia Creedon

Your Trusted Graphic Design Specialist


One thing about me is I love finding solutions. My desire to problem solve makes me choose mostly watching mysteries or doing jigsaw puzzles as my pastimes. In my business it’s understanding my client’s businesses so I can create the look that expresses exactly who they are and solves their problem of attracting the right audience. My background in graphic design starts way back when I was getting a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Parsons School of Design. I was also working in the business at a company that utilized my skills in design and illustration to create party goods sold nationally. I later was an Art Director at a studio in Manhattan designing brochures and annual reports. That was followed by an ad agency job in CT where I rose to Associate Creative Director and got to work on some major brands like Hellmann’s, TD Ameritrade, and Johnson and Johnson.

At the transition into my own business in 2010 I freelanced at various area corporations, becoming so valued at one that they offered me a job. That was a great experience too because at that high-end luxury furniture brand I was able to refine my designs to create an even better portfolio. After five years there I was more than ready to get back to serving my own clients one to one.

Today I offer a simple process to get you a client-attractive logo, website or book you can be proud of.

Let’s get on a call so I can see how I can help you today!

Our Digital Design Process

We follow this simple 4-step process to take your graphic design project
from concept to completion.

graphic designer - listen


I listen to all your graphic, web, or book design needs.


graphic designer - create


We creatively translate it into the solution you need.


graphic designer - validate


Details are checked against all your requirements.


graphic designer - deliver


You get all the final files once you have approved all.


Our Clients Say

“Pat’s been able to help distill down some complex topics into visually appealing and understandable concepts to share with my clients. “
“Pat is lovely to work with, she listens carefully and creatively, and offers excellent guidance and advice. She gets 100% behind the client’s idea, resulting in a fantastic, professional, current look. “
“Pat did a great job. She made things pop and was extremely attentive to my needs. I would highly recommend her for assisting any small business with branding and marketing.”
“Pat has been an ongoing resource for the building of my company brand, jointly developing an image I can be proud of and actually making me look like one of the leading wealth management practitioners.”
“When you have a creative team whose top priority is making the client’s cash register ring we don’t see how you can go wrong.”
“Pat’s passion for graphic design and entrepreneurial spirit made rebranding print materials about my practice both productive and fun. I enjoy sharing the refreshed documents we created with prospective clients.”
“Pat created the cover and inside design of my book and ebook, The Circulation Solution. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and I am very pleased with the results.”
“Patricia does a great job of both listening and asking the right questions and helped my new company scale and have a consistent and well-received brand positioning. Highly recommend!”

Tom Suvansri

Premier Trust Advisors

Gigi Guthrie

Keith Peters

JCHI Cleaning, LLC

Paul Byron Hill

President Professional Financial Strategies, Inc. Pittsford, NY

Hank Berkowitz

President HB Publishing & Marketing Co LLC Norwalk, CT

Caroline Wetzel


Matt Baier

Best-selling author of The Circulation Solution: The Ultimate Organizing Approach For Lasting Clutter Relief Available on Amazon.

John Walsh

Founder, and President, Walsh Senior Solutions, Princeton, NJ

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