7 tips for better networking (#2 is our favorite)

Here are some of the simple tips I have followed successfully to grow my business through networking:

  1. Look for like-minded people to network with. A good rule of thumb is if you are starting a business, go where other business people meet. If you are looking for a new job, go where other job seekers meet.
  2. Have a good supply of professional-looking business cards that reflect your brand or personality. If you need them designed contact us!
  3. Don’t worry about whether people want to talk to you. They do! They are there for the same reason you are.
  4. To break into groups or twosomes listen first to the topic they are on so you can do it smoothly. But don’t avoid these opportunities to meet interesting people out of fear of interrupting.
  5. Give your card out at the first opening and be sure to get theirs.
  6. Scan the cards as soon you get home and make note on each one where you met the person. (You will forget otherwise!)
  7. Follow up! Call or email within a week or two (better yet, a day or two). The sooner the better. Reference a snippet of conversation you remember if possible. Mention the event or occasion at which you met. Ask to meet or get on a call with them in order to learn more about them.
Chamber of Commerce Logo
Here’s one place I sometimes network.

Let me know how this works for you and if you have other good tips for better networking!

If it’s free you’ll probably pay too much

Many business owners think that free is the best bet when it comes to marketing themselves. They find free stock images, they get a free website online, they do their own print materials free on their own computer. That can work for a while but there comes a time when if you’ve gotten everything for free, you’ve paid too much!

The reason I say that is you are forgetting some costs to factor in. What about the free images you picked showing up on a competitor’s website or mailing? Or the logo you made for free prints poorly on your ads because it’s the wrong resolution? These are the types of things that can drive away customers and cost your business money you don’t even know is missing.

Event branding
Event branding done when I worked at Ethan Allen.

Good branding by a professional branding and graphic design expert is money well spent. It has significant returns on the investment for years down the line. So don’t stint on the areas that seem so easy to get free. It’ll really cost ya!

That said, I understand the need to budget early on so Pat Creedon Design offers a cost-effective Business Basics package that will get you started on the right foot. Ask about it here.