Networking Works

If you knew something you were already doing made you the most money, would you keep on doing it? I take time out on the 23rd of almost every month to look over my business as a whole and see where things are working and not working. I call it my Business Development Day (or Biz Dev Day for short).

Networking at the coffee shop

Networking can be at the local coffee shop as well as at more formal groups.

On a recent Biz Dev Day, I wrote down all my clients names and next to each how I had gotten them. It was a really useful exercise because it told me that I had gotten almost every one of them by networking! In other words, word-of-mouth. People who I had met through going out to networking groups or ran into while getting coffee had all remembered me when they needed graphic design or knew someone who did.

So, if you are going downtown to get your morning coffee anyway, think of it as a networking opportunity because you never know who you might meet that will refer you or hire you themselves. Keep it up and it may become the key to growing your business!

7 Little known facts about what I do all day (updated)

As president of Pat Creedon Design, Inc. my day starts with some set routines and some variable ones. Here are seven that seem to be effective for me.

  1. I set positive expectations for the day first thing. Sitting with my Siamese cat nearby or on my lap, I imagine a good outcome for whatever I have on my plate that day.
  2. I usually go to a networking meeting or have coffee (black, no sugar) with someone I’ve networked with or to whom I was referred. This happens as often as 3 times each week.
  3. I work on client projects ranging from book design to logos to email campaigns in Constant Contact to branded marketing materials of all sorts. It’s always different and interesting!
  4. Each afternoon I have a list of marketing ideas and projects I try to keep up with so that I’m always making more of my potential customers aware that I exist!
  5. Working from home as I do, I’m usually able to fit in a walk every day. My husband, an artist, comes with me and we vary it from day to day. Sometimes it’s an errand we can do in town or else a walk to the nearby Nature Center or a town park.
  6. Our dinners are planned ahead and the ingredients are all sent once a week by Hello Fresh. It saves a lot of time in food shopping and is always delicious.
  7. I back up my computers!


Those are seven of my routines. What are yours? Get in touch, I’d love to know!