Reading the signs that you need better signage

I just completed over seventy signs for a volunteer job I did for a networking group I’m in. The task was to label where donations of goods go throughout a warehouse that supplies those just getting out of homeless shelters. Think of all the categories of things you have in your own house and you can understand why I had to create so many! But with master pages, threaded frames and other tricks I use in Adobe InDesign it went quickly and will hopefully be just what’s needed.

sign on the wall

One of over 50 signs I designed for a Ethan Allen design center in NYC.

Recently I went to meet a colleague at a cafe I wasn’t familiar with. I could not find it to save my life! When she found me and showed me to it I saw what the problem was. Their sign was small and hidden away. I doubt the owners really want it that hidden from potential customers. It’s a great place and I hope they improve their signage before long.

Good signage helps your business

I would not bring this up except, obviously, signage is on my mind. And it also happened to me on my recent vacation too. I wanted to meet a friend at a restaurant in Raleigh, NC. When I couldn’t find it and called the restaurant even the host could not adequately explain where they were in that maze of stores, restaurants, and a mall. Then when I finally did track it down I saw that the sign outside was tiny!

I know it seems too simple, but don’t lose business because no one sees your sign! A good website, a regular social media presence, word-of-mouth are great but don’t forget the basics like a readable, prominent sign. As an experienced sign and graphic ┬ádesigner I am happy to help you with that! Contact me or leave a comment.

Scheduling is an art form

I know I need a good schedule to keep me on track every day because I live and work in the same place. Some things get away from me, like getting the dusting done, or watering the plants I’ve planted outside. So I look for minutes here and there to plug this kind of thing in during the day without becoming a big deal or being neglected for too long. For instance, I was waiting for a computer update and couldn’t use my computer anyway so I took the opportunity to pop outside and do the watering. In waiting for the kettle to boil I dusted the bedroom furniture, figuring the whistle would call me back to the kitchen to make my morning coffee.

Q1 review as a presentation cover image.

Design for a presentation cover image for a client.

Making a list of priorities each day helps as well to keep my day on track. Then if there are meetings and calls in my calendar that take up more time than I allotted I always know which priorities to put on the top of the list to get done even if I can’t get to the rest. These are all ways to do the graphic art I’m hired to do while also designing a schedule that lets the rest of life get done too! Tell me your home office tips and tricks in the comments.