Networking Works

If you knew something you were already doing made you the most money, would you keep on doing it? I take time out on the 23rd of almost every month to look over my business as a whole and see where things are working and not working. I call it my Business Development Day (or Biz Dev Day for short).

Networking at the coffee shop

Networking can be at the local coffee shop as well as at more formal groups.

On a recent Biz Dev Day, I wrote down all my clients names and next to each how I had gotten them. It was a really useful exercise because it told me that I had gotten almost every one of them by networking! In other words, word-of-mouth. People who I had met through going out to networking groups or ran into while getting coffee had all remembered me when they needed graphic design or knew someone who did.

So, if you are going downtown to get your morning coffee anyway, think of it as a networking opportunity because you never know who you might meet that will refer you or hire you themselves. Keep it up and it may become the key to growing your business!

It pays to be persistent in business

I’ve found this to be a truth: that it can really help if you are persistent when you are in business. Whether it’s visiting a coffee shop twice a week (week after week—they know my usual there) to see if the owner is ready to hand off his menu design changes or digging deep into the code of a client’s website to find a way to get an update done, persistence pays off. I can’t charge for the persistent part of my job of course because it’s kind of a given. But when word of mouth gets me more and more clients and referrals I know my persistence is truly worth it!

Las Vegas Design Center signs

Persistence​ is hopeful for good results. These are signs I did for a Las Vegas Design Center once.

Have you been persistent in trying to get a new client or in serving one you have or in just keeping in touch with a prospect? Tell me about it in the comments, I’d love to know!