Communication in Graphic Design

I was in a coffee shop the recently where I picked up this little flyer for a flea market.

Flea flyer

Flea market flyer

I like the colors and the fun design. But as I read it I realized it’s missing a vital piece of information. Where is this taking place? There’s only a photo and the town name on it to give me a clue. I don’t know the building in the photo though so there’s no way for me to get there even I wanted to. That made me think about why just having pretty type, pictures and color on a page is not enough. For graphic design to serve its true purpose, it must communicate effectively. If this had that piece of information it would have been very effective because the design got my attention which is half the battle.

Thoughts on DIY Design

I’ve never written a song. I wouldn’t know where to begin. Well maybe I’d try to learn an instrument first or learn to read music! But without even some rudimentary knowledge like that I doubt a song will be penned by me anytime soon. If you’ve never designed a brochure, logo, website or similar where would you start? You have a computer and know how to use it, but is that enough to start designing your business materials? Maybe not. If I needed a song written I would not rely on myself to do it. I’d definitely find an experienced songwriter. If you need a design to promote your business or brand then find an experienced Graphic Designer. It’s worth it!

Custom Websites, Worth the Investment?

In a previous blog post I made the point that websites are today’s business cards. If that’s the case, do you want a business card for your business? Of course. Then you  should also want a website that reflects your business. Being infinitely malleable your website is a much more flexible tool for describing your business than a business card. What would you pay for that?

Custom websites come in all price ranges but the web designer you end up with should be someone you feel comfortable with and can contact easily for changes, troubleshooting and updates. I often run into people who hired someone to do their website and now that they need them they don’t know how to find them. Or their web designer won’t return calls. That’s pretty frustrating. Pat Creedon Design is very accessible. I also offer graphic design so I can do the promotional materials, ads and direct mail for your business as well. The consistency in having one graphic and web designer on it all, plus the reliability of one contact, makes for a pleasant and smooth process for getting your new custom website.

Art makes a wonderful gift!

Art Show promo

Get over to Wilton soon for the best selection of P. E. Creedon’s art.

Rounding up 3 horses for a postcard


Combining Web Design, Branding and Social Media for SEO

A great way to get your business found on the web is to have a website and a Twitter page, Facebook Fan page and LinkedIn profile. Those are really the 3 basics to start with when you want to have a chance at rising in the search engines to the first page. In other words for good SEO. The branding that goes on all 4 should be consistent in colors, typefaces and logo design. That way your customers can tell immediately that they are in the right place. For example, I designed a website with a blog, a Facebook Fan page, a Twitter page and LinkedIn profile page for a client that was starting a Personal Training business. It had his logo, a color scheme that had his brand look and feel, consistent fonts and his photo. This was then carried through all his print materials as well to create a total brand look for his business. He updated his Facebook page and sent people to his website where they could find out more. Then the plan was to build up his blog and get some followers on Twitter and connections on LinkedIn. He changed careers before getting to that though but he still has it to do on the side or go back to anytime.

Wellfit graphic and web design by Pat Creedon Design, Inc.

Here are some samples of branding across web, social media and print design

If you aren’t in the design business then hiring a design firm like Pat Creedon Design is your best bet for implementing this effective brand strategy. I don’t try to do personal training because though I know how to exercise I wouldn’t never presume I know how to show anyone else how to get fit. But I do know graphic design, web design and branding from decades of experience. To get a quote email me at