You may not believe this…

…but a reliable graphic designer on your team is one of your best investments. Think about it. If you’ve ever struggled to pick colors. Or you have a client prospect but only a boring Word doc to present them your services. Or you know you would hit a lot more networking events if you only had a decent-looking business card to hand out. These are just some of the areas where an expert in graphic design could be invaluable.

An example branding by Pat Creedon Design, Inc. for a PA Wealth Management firm.

A trusted design resource

Do you have such a person to call on? If not, talk to us. We can help because it’s our passion to help small businesses and entrepreneurs get more visible with professional branding that reflects who they are and gives them a leg up on the competition.

Imagine a graphic designer who’s got your back

That may be hard to do if your previous experience with graphic designers has been less than stellar. I know. I hear it all the time. It’s not a good reflection on the members of my profession when people report being abandoned without recourse to get their files or get into their website. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I am passionate about being the graphic designer that has your back. I can be the one who understands your brand when changing employees and department setups could otherwise cause a brand to get diluted. It was my job to do that for some major consumer brands when I worked at an agency for over twenty years. We were relied on to keep track of brand standards year after year despite myriad corporate reworkings and staff shuffling.

consumer brand logos
Some consumer brands I’ve worked on in the past.

In my company now I am delighted to do that for small businesses with perhaps only a single font and logo to keep track of. When a project is completed I upload all the files to be retrieved for my client’s records. I hold onto older renditions, create style guides, and I create new layouts with a consistent branded look. It’s my job and I’m not going anywhere!