Get this right and your business will be on its way!

Did you know how important it is to brand your company consistently with web, print, and social media? Get this right and you will have a company look and feel that will reassure customers and potential customers that you take your company seriously.

I understand how difficult this can be. I started my company back in 2010 without a plan for how to brand it. I of all people should have known better since my business plan was to brand small companies! But it’s easy to get caught up in the moving parts and forget to look at the overall picture. I created a look I liked for my business card and some print materials.

Then an ad opportunity came along so I created another look for that.


An Ad for My Company from 2010 or 11

I had a website to match for a while that I based on a template I liked.


My old Website

But then I wanted to add WordPress to my skills and the theme I liked was a different look again.  It may be  time (Ok it is time) to use my skills to create a consistent brand for myself. I will keep you posted on that.

How should you do it?

That’s where I encourage you to learn from me and not do it the way I did. Instead let Pat Creedon Design give your brand the look that suits it, or work with the one you have to get that professional consistency across all your materials whether printed or online. With a website (preferably with a blog), a Facebook page, a Twitter page and your LinkedIn company page branded with the logo, colors to match your brand look and feel, consistent fonts and a good photo you’ll be on your way!

4 Ways to Get Started on LinkedIn is where professionals connect. After filling out your profile, here are 4 steps to take to start making the most of this powerful networking tool:

1. Grow your network by looking for current and past colleagues and coworkers using the Contacts or Add Connections under Network and ask to connect.

2.  Look for Classmates – use Find Alumni under Network. Remind them of your school when asking them to connect with you.

3. Create a custom LinkedIn address. See it on the right side when editing your profile: Your public profile URL.

Include your Linkedin “link” in your email signature. You’ll be amazed how many people will click it and want to connect.

4. Join Linkedin Groups. Choose any related to your niche or industry. Try to participate in the group by asking questions or commenting on others’ posts.


I’m taking a class in Twitter for Business

But the online class I’m taking must use a previous version of Twitter. The examples don’t match what Twitter has currently available. Plus my WordPress dashboard doesn’t match the examples given. That’s the frustrating part of doing any course involving something like Social Media sites or software that’s constantly changing. I thought I would hit the ground running with my new-found knowledge. Instead I’m stuck in some mud right at the start! I’ll have to research online to see if my dilemmas can be solved by more recent posts or tutorials out there. I’m sure there are other tidbits in the course that I can apply but I have less enthusiasm now. Have you ever felt the frustration of incompatible versions from classes to the real world? Just add your comments below, or tweet me @pmcreedon (!)

Learn to Update Your WordPress Site

Smart business owners have both a blog and a website. Often it’s combined in an easy to update WordPress website. I design these all the time for clients and they love them. They have built in SEO and can easily have a custom URL attached to them so it doesn’t have .wordpress in the address. The great thing about these sites is that it’s something the site owner themselves can update. If it’s a little opaque as to how to actually do that, I can help. I know there’s a learning curve to get used to the interface on the “dashboard” of WordPress. I work with my clients or even those that have not hired me to design their websites, showing them around the dashboard. It’s something that can be done over the phone or at a local Starbucks. I also make office calls and certainly can meet at my office too.

Hourly rates or monthly retainer rates are available depending on what works best for your business. The goal is to get you up and running with a confidence in your own ability to update your website. That will only help your business because search engines are always searching for new content to rank websites higher. In other words, if you have a WordPress website and blog, keep it updated with my help and you will have a definite edge for business growth!

Schedule Your Marketing Efforts

I have several clients that must be pretty busy with their businesses (I assume) because I never hear from them even though we have ongoing projects. I know it couldn’t be because they are neglecting their marketing efforts, and yet…

Try the Ten Percent Solution

If a business wants to keep top of mind with its clients then I suggest they spend at least 10% of their time marketing their company. That’s 1 day out of every 10 work days devoted to promoting the business, reconnecting with past clients, following up with current clients, developing campaigns, etc. It’s important to schedule it like that so it doesn’t fall through the cracks causing business to dry up! Social Media Marketing is part of that as well but should be included in the schedule more often, as in daily. Effective scheduling of marketing efforts really pays off and should be part of every business plan.

Constant Contact for Events

I tried out Constant Contact and found it quite useful for an event I was promoting. Though I no longer partner with them I still recommend CC.

Click on this link to see how you can grow your small business:

Constant Contact(R)
Trusted Email Marketing

It’s easy and it’s free for 60 days!

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Why I like Pinterest


I recently began “pinning” and though I am not addicted to it yet I can see how one could easily get that way. The site appeals to me a lot because I’m a visual person and it’s mainly pictures. I find people to follow that inspire me with beautiful images. I also like to find intriguing ideas like the new way I bring salad to work, thanks to Pinterest. I saw a photo of a jar with salad dressing in the bottom, vegetables, lettuce then cheese and croutons on the top layer—brilliant! The croutons stay crisp while the dressing stays out of harm’s way. The whole shebang is then dumped into a bowl and voilá, it’s ready to toss. So as a social medium it’s truly fun, helpful and a nice change of pace from the usual wordier sites out there!


Blogging to Draw a Crowd to Your Website

Blogging is easy if you take it on like any marketing project for your business. You know your business, you talk passionately about it and your industry whenever given the chance. Now just write all that down. For me, the best bet has been to come up with several topics I want to talk about then I flesh them out in a Word document. After I have a few I copy them into my WordPress Blog and schedule them to appear every week. I’ll also put in some extras in between if the mood strikes but at least I know my blogging SSM (Social Media Marketing) is taken care of.

The idea of course is to get more crowds to your website so first you need one of those. I’ve found that the two can be easily combined for most businesses by having a customized WordPress website and blog. Pages such as About, Services and Contact can be added and worked seamlessly together with the Blog page. WordPress even makes suggestions on what to blog about if you’re stuck. Some people find a trending topic and put a spin on it that ties into what they do. Others find that posting great testimonials on their blog keeps it fresh. Search engines love new content so get out your pen and paper or that blank Word page and start blogging! Then let Pat Creedon Design help you get in all up where your customers and potential customers can see the results.

Combining Web Design, Branding and Social Media for SEO

A great way to get your business found on the web is to have a website and a Twitter page, Facebook Fan page and LinkedIn profile. Those are really the 3 basics to start with when you want to have a chance at rising in the search engines to the first page. In other words for good SEO. The branding that goes on all 4 should be consistent in colors, typefaces and logo design. That way your customers can tell immediately that they are in the right place. For example, I designed a website with a blog, a Facebook Fan page, a Twitter page and LinkedIn profile page for a client that was starting a Personal Training business. It had his logo, a color scheme that had his brand look and feel, consistent fonts and his photo. This was then carried through all his print materials as well to create a total brand look for his business. He updated his Facebook page and sent people to his website where they could find out more. Then the plan was to build up his blog and get some followers on Twitter and connections on LinkedIn. He changed careers before getting to that though but he still has it to do on the side or go back to anytime.

Wellfit graphic and web design by Pat Creedon Design, Inc.

Here are some samples of branding across web, social media and print design

If you aren’t in the design business then hiring a design firm like Pat Creedon Design is your best bet for implementing this effective brand strategy. I don’t try to do personal training because though I know how to exercise I wouldn’t never presume I know how to show anyone else how to get fit. But I do know graphic design, web design and branding from decades of experience. To get a quote email me at