Time to plant seeds

These are interesting and pretty scary times. I know a lot of us are hunkered down waiting for this crisis to pass. May we all be safe and healthy!

For my part, I’m thinking of this as a time to plant seeds for future harvest to use a farming analogy. I’m working on my branding and website and emails to my connections. It’s a way to feel like I’ll be ready when the pent up demand that’s occurring lets loose and we’ll all be very busy again!


If you are working on your branding, or writing your book or preparing emails to stay connected and could use design help on any or all of the above, get in touch! Pat Creedon Design is here to support you in all your efforts to stay top of mind with your customers.

Scheduling is an art form

I know I need a good schedule to keep me on track every day because I live and work in the same place. Some things get away from me, like getting the dusting done, or watering the plants I’ve planted outside. So I look for minutes here and there to plug this kind of thing in during the day without becoming a big deal or being neglected for too long. For instance, I was waiting for a computer update and couldn’t use my computer anyway so I took the opportunity to pop outside and do the watering. In waiting for the kettle to boil I dusted the bedroom furniture, figuring the whistle would call me back to the kitchen to make my morning coffee.

Q1 review as a presentation cover image.

Design for a presentation cover image for a client.

Making a list of priorities each day helps as well to keep my day on track. Then if there are meetings and calls in my calendar that take up more time than I allotted I always know which priorities to put on the top of the list to get done even if I can’t get to the rest. These are all ways to do the graphic art I’m hired to do while also designing a schedule that lets the rest of life get done too! Tell me your home office tips and tricks in the comments.