Stop thinking you don’t need a vacation

Every small business owner needs a vacation. If you didn’t take one last year then it’s a good idea to take one this year. And if you can’t remember when you last took one then you must take one soon! I’m in that last camp I’m afraid. But next week starting Wednesday I’m taking a whole week off. I did arrange it over a weekend on purpose so as not to be gone too many business days but it still counts.

Tour books and maps

The trip has been planned for months as a road trip to see a friend in North Carolina who’s lived there a few years and has thoughtfully provided for me in advance by having a house with a guest room. I’m not bringing my laptop unless I have to and I’m hoping to connect with other friends in the area and on the way and way back. Some of whom are past or possibly future clients (by way of justifying this to myself). It is a needed respite from constantly working on my business and it’s an investment in myself and my well-being. So if you don’t see my blog posts for a few days you’ll now know why!

Avoiding Distractions

Do not get distracted from this topic by going to check out that message that just popped up or seeing what’s going on at Facebook! I have found a way to streamline my thoughts so they stay on topic for the length of time I need to get things done. The best way I do that is to time activities. I literally set a timer in my smart phone and work on say a client project for a set amount of minutes. Then I take a another timed interval to do something business-related like filing jobs such as I mentioned in last week’s blog. Of course I also need a fun break because all work and no play makes for a dull day! This way to reduce distractions works for me. What works for you?