Elevator Pitch Practice

Published On: 5 Oct, 2021

Bringing our best to those who need it can be a specialized art. I’ve been studying art and design for most of my life, but I’m pretty new to the art of selling myself, in other words marketing my business!

Everyone who starts to market their business sooner or later hears about the elevator pitch, the short summary of what they do that they could recite to a curious bystander while riding a few floors in an elevator. I live in a small town with very few elevators, plus I like using stairs for the exercise! Nonetheless, I’ve put together one for networking and other random introductions so I can quickly answer the question, “So, what do you do?”

“I work with small businesses who struggle with getting a professional branded look for their company and would like to work one to one with a reliable, creative graphic designer who ‘gets’ them.

What separates my service from other designers is my 20+ years working on major brands and because of this, clients receive big brand expertise for their business to give them a look they can be proud of and that attracts their ideal clients.

Would you like to know more? Get on a call with me today and I’ll take you through the ways I’ve helped other small businesses like yours.”

What I like about this format is it puts the problem I solve up front, then why I can solve it, and lastly, the results. It’s followed with a CTA (Call to Action) that gives interested parties a way to act on it if they like what they hear. My investment in a business coaching program is paying off because of nifty tools like this! Let me know your elevator pitch if you have one. Put it in the comments here or email me.

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