Land Customers with a Landing Page

Published On: 5 Oct, 2021

So a whole, multi-page website more than you need or can face right now? Then try a “landing page”. It’s a single page website that gives your company’s basic information like name, address, hours of operation, directions, a list of products or services, etc. It’s great as a way to stake out a place on the web if you don’t otherwise want or feel you need a full website. Or are so busy keeping up with your business that you don’t want to keep up with a website too. (Lucky you!) It’s important to have some web presence though, if only because it’s expected these days and you want to have clear and accurate information available. It’s amazing how much inaccurate information can start to accumulate on the internet if you don’t take control with your own URL and a web landing page at the very least.

Get your business an effective web starter home by having a landing page designed for you by Pat Creedon Design. It’s an easy way to get that extra ease of contact for your customers and to let them know you are technologically aware. For a small investment a landing page can be up and showing off your business to best advantage. Don’t delay, call Pat Creedon at 203-252-0909 today.

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