CPA referred to me by a colleague needed a design for the book he had written with my colleague’s help. The book, about international tax compliance, could, he acknowledged, be very off-putting, even to those who could use its valuable information the most. My background helping several other financial professionals with book design impressed him enough to hire me. We agreed it should have an approachable feel to the design, not a textbook or manual look to it.


Taking the manuscript through my 20-step design process once a look was determined was a fairly quick process. What took a bit longer was taking all his PowerPoint slides and creating illustrations from them to break up the text and make it more appealing. As well as to have a quick and easy way to skim the major point s made in the 200-page book. In addition, I designed a press release, ads, and business cards for the promotion of the book at various speaking venues.


The book has been reprinted twice and I created an ePub version to make it even more accessible to my client’s target audience that needs to know this book’s timely information so they can stay compliant and maybe save thousands on their taxes!

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