Congratulations to my client!

Number One Bestseller

The Circulation Solution, The Ultimate Organizing Approach for Lasting Clutter Relief just became a #1 best seller on Amazon!

It was pleasure working with Matt to design the cover and inside (not to mention the back) of his first book! And this book is well worth reading. Click here or above to get one! I’m using some of the ideas I got from it to be more organized and clutter-free in my own life. It really helps!

Don’t you love it when plans change?

Ever find yourself going along, as usual, making plans, carrying them out, making more plans, then suddenly you hit a roadblock? It’s like the time I went to my favorite ice cream shop to buy my favorite ice cream pie and I found it had been replaced by a running shoe store! So I did the next best thing, I bought running shoes! I had a moment of frustration then a moment of clarity. It occurred to me that I really needed new sneakers and I didn’t need ice cream 🙂

roadblockIt was a good decision. Later on, I hit another roadblock when a fulltime position I had been in for five years was eliminated in company-wide layoffs. That gave me the incentive to concentrate on my growing business fulltime! It was alarming in its abruptness but once I got past that I was really excited about the new life I could begin. Plus those sneakers came in handy since I get to take walks in them every day, as I make my own schedule now.

When have you ever run into roadblocks in life and had to rethink your plans? Did it alarm or frustrate you? Were you able to roll with it? How has it changed things?

I like being there for fledgling and established small companies that are at the crossroads trying to build something good. I can relate because I am working at doing that myself!