4 Ways to Grow Your Business Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is great for businesses. Use your profile to talk up your background, skills and services. Follow these 4 easy steps to begin reaping the benefits of a strong presence on LinkedIn.

1. Include some history about yourself and how you started your business.

2. Make sure your profile includes the “Who, What, Where, and Why” in a way that helps people understand and relate to your business.

3. Keyword your entire profile with the words that are common terms used to search for the services you offer.

4. Ask business associates and clients for recommendations. Do the same for them wherever possible.

4 Ways to Get Started on LinkedIn

http://www.linkedin.com is where professionals connect. After filling out your profile, here are 4 steps to take to start making the most of this powerful networking tool:

1. Grow your network by looking for current and past colleagues and coworkers using the Contacts or Add Connections under Network and ask to connect.

2.  Look for Classmates – use Find Alumni under Network. Remind them of your school when asking them to connect with you.

3. Create a custom LinkedIn address. See it on the right side when editing your profile: Your public profile URL.

Include your Linkedin “link” in your email signature. You’ll be amazed how many people will click it and want to connect.

4. Join Linkedin Groups. Choose any related to your niche or industry. Try to participate in the group by asking questions or commenting on others’ posts.