Are you sure you want to do it yourself?

Ever hear a radio commercial where the voice-over is clearly the business owner or someone who works for them? You can just tell by the flat delivery as if just read from the script. When I hear those types of ads I assume they were looking to save money by not hiring talent, or they were convinced it would be more authentic and thus more compelling. Usually, it’s not.

a website design

A website design I helped with a few years back.

I don’t have any experience helping people with their radio commercials but I do help businesses with their branding. Don’t be the business that uses DIY marketing materials. If you hire the right person for the job—someone with extensive experience you can come across as authentic and professional! So just like the right inflections from a talented voice-over professional can make your business sound good, we at Pat Creedon Design can make your business look good! Contact us today to set up a Get Acquainted Call.

Stumbling into branding


BEFORE Branding that includes binder spine, CD cover, an ad, email newsletter, identity, web, and Twitter pages

Does this sound familiar? In the first few weeks of starting my business, I realized that I needed to brand it—starting with a business card so I could hand something out when networking. I was in a hurry so the first thing I saw that looked good to me became the inspiration for my card and by extension my brand. I think it happens this way with a lot of business owners including the marketing agency I used to work for. So don’t worry if it happened to you. It’s not your fault!

Here’s the inconsistent look of my branding before. That’s because I created the business card first and then I did an ad (see upper right) based on an early version of my website that I did from a template. So I combined the two looks in a sort of transition over to one or the other.

Get a Second Opinion

Not sure which way to take it I got a trusted second opinion and I was able to see the right path to take. Here is the after. Notice the consistent color scheme, logo treatment, graphics for the background, fonts, etc. Now I’m clear on the look of my brand and it instills confidence in my small business.

AFTER Branding that includes binder spine, CD cover, an ad, email newsletter, identity, web, and Twitter pages

If you would like the confidence that professional branding can bring to your business I am ready to help. We offer a Free consultation to help you see the possibilities!