Make sure your website is welcoming

Once these steps were new and welcoming. Not anymore!

I passed this old set of steps on a recent walk and it made me think about how many businesses let their website lapse to the point that no one but the most persistent stick around. If you have broken links, slow load time, a design that chokes on mobile, then your site is not welcoming to your customers. It needs to be cleared of these obstacles that gradually grew up to thwart visitors. It needs realignment with modern web standards or you won’t compete well in your market.

Look at your website with fresh eyes

Clear the cache and look at your website as if you were seeing it for the first time. Think about whether it appeals to you, welcomes you, informs you. If it doesn’t anymore, then think about an upgrade. You will have new confidence that your online presence is attractive and helps visitors to know what your business is about. Investing time now will reap benefits for years to come. To get a free website analysis just contact me and include the url. It’s a simple way to clear that path to your door to welcome newcomers your business!

How Design Helps Inbound Marketing

The result of taking classes and taking a tough test of 60 questions is that I am now officially certified for Inbound Marketing! I learned it through the HubSpot Academy and the encouragement of the group I found that was presenting it via encaptiv online. I did it to improve my own inbound marketing efforts and to be able to advise my clients who are mostly small business owners who come to me for graphic, web, logo design, email marketing, or book design help. It’s important that the graphic designs I create for my customers fit their inbound (or outbound) marketing strategy.

Examples of how design helps inbound marketing strategies

An example of an inbound marketing strategy might be a pdf that people can download that adds value by explaining how to solve a problem the website visitor has. Another may be to update business cards and marketing materials with social media icons. Email newsletters can share valuable insights and links to social media too. These are all great ways to attract customers and grow trust.

Many thanks to Keith Reynolds of TechFWD and the folks who presented with him and got procrastinating me to do this! Also thank you to Ernst Schirmer of Deep Waters Network1 who alerted me to this opportunity. And Bob Anstine of Anstine Marketing who told me originally about Deep Waters Network, one of the last live networking meetings I got to go to before the lock down in 2020!

Next up—Social Media certification!

1 Deep Waters, active as Your Local Business and Jobs Network, focuses on meaningful connections and solid business contacts and relationships, to support our regional and local economy. As of Summer 2021, this is a Network of over 550 professionals, self-employed and business owners. Learn more at:; lead-organized by Ernst Schirmer, Greenwich.