Reading the signs that you need better signage

I just completed over seventy signs for a volunteer job I did for a networking group I’m in. The task was to label where donations of goods go throughout a warehouse that supplies those just getting out of homeless shelters. Think of all the categories of things you have in your own house and you can understand why I had to create so many! But with master pages, threaded frames and other tricks I use in Adobe InDesign it went quickly and will hopefully be just what’s needed.

sign on the wall

One of over 50 signs I designed for a Ethan Allen design center in NYC.

Recently I went to meet a colleague at a cafe I wasn’t familiar with. I could not find it to save my life! When she found me and showed me to it I saw what the problem was. Their sign was small and hidden away. I doubt the owners really want it that hidden from potential customers. It’s a great place and I hope they improve their signage before long.

Good signage helps your business

I would not bring this up except, obviously, signage is on my mind. And it also happened to me on my recent vacation too. I wanted to meet a friend at a restaurant in Raleigh, NC. When I couldn’t find it and called the restaurant even the host could not adequately explain where they were in that maze of stores, restaurants, and a mall. Then when I finally did track it down I saw that the sign outside was tiny!

I know it seems too simple, but don’t lose business because no one sees your sign! A good website, a regular social media presence, word-of-mouth are great but don’t forget the basics like a readable, prominent sign. As an experienced sign and graphic ┬ádesigner I am happy to help you with that! Contact me or leave a comment.

Are you still trying to do your graphics yourself?

I totally understand. I am a small business owner myself and it has been my tendency from the start to go for free versus having to pay for anything that might help my business. I make exceptions of course. In areas where I know I’m incompetent I hire help. For instance to do the legal copy for my proposals or to get in depth business-building advice.

If I just press the right buttons…

If you decided, “I can do my own graphics. How hard can it be?” You have a computer, you have programs that let you put type and even pictures on a page. That’s the basis for getting the word out about your new business. Plus, there are plenty of helpful tools online that make you feel like you’re a Graphic Designer, and a lot of them are free!

Then you tried it and it was harder than you thought. It was very time-consuming. The results weren’t at all what you pictured! Oh well, now what?

There must be a cheap solution. “Maybe that friend who’s son-in-law’s nephew is studying web design can do it for me.”, you think. “He won’t charge much. He may even do it for free.”

Still, the results weren’t exactly what you liked and you didn’t get a chance to say anything before he went off the grid and you never heard from him again.

It became a bit embarrassing to show your card, handout your brochure or direct anyone to your website. That’s how it goes for many small businesses. It then becomes an issue of needing to grow to afford a “real designer” but being unable to because you can’t get any traction with the “graphics” you have!

Word doc (before-left), new design (after-right) by Pat Creedon Design, Inc.

If this is you, or if you realize it could be you then we can help. We are able to work with you and take the hard stuff off your plate while leaving enough for you to do to keep costs down. Growing your business is our goal and then as you grow we can take on more for you. We’re not going anywhere. Contact us for a free discovery session today!