Are you still trying to do your graphics yourself?

I totally understand. I am a small business owner myself and it has been my tendency from the start to go for free versus having to pay for anything that might help my business. I make exceptions of course. In areas where I know I’m incompetent I hire help. For instance to do the legal copy for my proposals or to get in depth business-building advice.

If I just press the right buttons…

If you decided, “I can do my own graphics. How hard can it be?” You have a computer, you have programs that let you put type and even pictures on a page. That’s the basis for getting the word out about your new business. Plus, there are plenty of helpful tools online that make you feel like you’re a Graphic Designer, and a lot of them are free!

Then you tried it and it was harder than you thought. It was very time-consuming. The results weren’t at all what you pictured! Oh well, now what?

There must be a cheap solution. “Maybe that friend who’s son-in-law’s nephew is studying web design can do it for me.”, you think. “He won’t charge much. He may even do it for free.”

Still, the results weren’t exactly what you liked and you didn’t get a chance to say anything before he went off the grid and you never heard from him again.

It became a bit embarrassing to show your card, handout your brochure or direct anyone to your website. That’s how it goes for many small businesses. It then becomes an issue of needing to grow to afford a “real designer” but being unable to because you can’t get any traction with the “graphics” you have!

Word doc (before-left), new design (after-right) by Pat Creedon Design, Inc.

If this is you, or if you realize it could be you then we can help. We are able to work with you and take the hard stuff off your plate while leaving enough for you to do to keep costs down. Growing your business is our goal and then as you grow we can take on more for you. We’re not going anywhere. Contact us for a free discovery session today!

Why DIY doesn’t work with Graphic Design

Unless you are a Graphic Designer!

DIY is big. It even has a cable channel (that I watch all the time). But Do It Yourself design of logos, ads, brochures, and even websites when it’s the branding and promotion of your own business? Not a good idea.

Would I write my own song? No!

I just got a music composer as a client. She has been my client before when I designed her first CD cover and insert. I’ve never written a song, whereas Monica has written many. I wouldn’t know where to begin.

Well maybe I’d try to learn an instrument first or learn to read music! But even with some rudimentary knowledge like that I doubt a song will be penned by me anytime soon.

Have computer, will DIY your design?

If you’ve never designed a brochure, logo, website or ad where would you start? You have a computer and know how to use it, but is that enough to start designing your business materials? Maybe not. If I needed a song written I would not rely on myself to do it. I’d definitely find an experienced songwriter. If you need promotion or branding, your business will definitely benefit from hiring an experienced Graphic Designer. It’s worth it!