What are you doing today to grow your business?

Every day I get to choose how I will arrange my schedule to get work done or to market my business to bring more work in. Often it involves meeting with clients or prospective clients in person. I love meeting for coffee and getting to know others who are also trying to grow their businesses. I like to hear their challenges and accomplishments and share some of mine.

Coffee meetings are a great way to grow a business!

We can commiserate with one another in a way that I couldn’t with coworkers in a corporate environment while I ran my company on the side. I’m glad now to be able to devote all my time to my small business (five days a week) and to see how it grows day by day through networking over coffees and referrals from happy clients! Let me know what works well for your business in the comments.

Graphic design, who needs it?

I was recently at the dentist and I saw a sign that said: “You don’t have to floss every one of your teeth, just the ones you want to keep.” When it comes to graphic design, not all businesses need it, just the ones that want to keep going! That’s because without it that business is presenting an unprofessional face to the world that sooner or later will hurt it and maybe even cause it to sputter out. Not all businesses will die out. I have a client that has had a title search business for several decades. He works with other businesses that need his services. By word of mouth, a steady stream has come his way so no logo or other branding has been needed. (He calls me because I tutor him in Word 2010.)

But his is an exception. Most businesses need branding to show they’re serious about their service or product. I’ve done the graphic design for many different well-known brands over the years. I use those experiences to bring graphic design help to small businesses, individuals, and entrepreneurs. It provides the professional edge to companies, giving them the confidence to go after better clients and gain loyal customers.

I floss all my teeth because I want to keep all of them. (I’m funny that way.) If you want to keep your business going then we can help you with that. And I promise working with us will be a lot more fun than flossing!