Blogging to Draw a Crowd to Your Website

Blogging is easy if you take it on like any marketing project for your business. You know your business. You talk passionately about it and your industry whenever given the chance. Now just write all that down. For me, the best bet has been to come up with several topics I want to talk about then flesh them out in a Word document. After I have a few I copy them into my WordPress Blog and schedule them to appear every week. I’ll also put in some extras in between if the mood strikes but at least I know my blogging SSM (Social Media Marketing) is taken care of.

The idea of course is to get more crowds to your website so first you need a blog. I’ve found that the two can be easily combined for most businesses by having a customized WordPress website and blog. Pages such as About, Services and Contact can be added and worked seamlessly together with the Blog page. WordPress even makes suggestions on what to blog about if you’re stuck. Some people find a trending topic and put a spin on it that ties into what they do. Others find that posting great testimonials on their blog keeps it fresh. Search engines love new content so get out your pen and paper or that blank Word document and start blogging!

Schedule Your Marketing Efforts

I have several clients that must be pretty busy with their businesses (I assume) because I never hear from them even though we have ongoing projects. I know it couldn’t be because they are neglecting their marketing efforts, and yet…

Try the Ten Percent Solution

If a business wants to keep top of mind with its clients then I suggest they spend at least 10% of their time marketing their company. That’s 1 day out of every 10 work days devoted to promoting the business, reconnecting with past clients, following up with current clients, developing campaigns, etc. It’s important to schedule it like that so it doesn’t fall through the cracks causing business to dry up! Social Media Marketing is part of that as well but should be included in the schedule more often, as in daily. Effective scheduling of marketing efforts really pays off and should be part of every business plan.