Reading the signs that you need better signage

I just completed over seventy signs for a volunteer job I did for a networking group I’m in. The task was to label where donations of goods go throughout a warehouse that supplies those just getting out of homeless shelters. Think of all the categories of things you have in your own house and you can understand why I had to create so many! But with master pages, threaded frames and other tricks I use in Adobe InDesign it went quickly and will hopefully be just what’s needed.

sign on the wall

One of over 50 signs I designed for a Ethan Allen design center in NYC.

Recently I went to meet a colleague at a cafe I wasn’t familiar with. I could not find it to save my life! When she found me and showed me to it I saw what the problem was. Their sign was small and hidden away. I doubt the owners really want it that hidden from potential customers. It’s a great place and I hope they improve their signage before long.

Good signage helps your business

I would not bring this up except, obviously, signage is on my mind. And it also happened to me on my recent vacation too. I wanted to meet a friend at a restaurant in Raleigh, NC. When I couldn’t find it and called the restaurant even the host could not adequately explain where they were in that maze of stores, restaurants, and a mall. Then when I finally did track it down I saw that the sign outside was tiny!

I know it seems too simple, but don’t lose business because no one sees your sign! A good website, a regular social media presence, word-of-mouth are great but don’t forget the basics like a readable, prominent sign. As an experienced sign and graphic ┬ádesigner I am happy to help you with that! Contact me or leave a comment.

3 Reasons Writing that Book is a Good Idea

For about 6 years now I’ve been doing book design as well as branding for clients. I work with clients all over the country to design the covers sometimes and the inside always. They send me a proofread manuscript and I take it from there. Here are three reasons to write your own book:

  1. It’s the best way to drum up interest in the media for who you are and what you do. Journalists love to have a hook along those lines to have a reason to put you on TV, a podcast, radio, what have you. It immediately says, expert. I know the moment someone says they’ve written a book about their passion, business, or industry I think they must have real expertise in that area. I may not get around to reading it (unless I’m designing it) but I will take it into account when referring them to others or hiring them myself. I know most others feel the same way.
  2. The chances to be visible to your target audience goes up considerably. Especially if you use the book as a marketing tool, either by handing them out at your now much more frequent speaking engagements or through your website or otherwise online.
Book designs by Pat Creedon Design, Inc.

So carve out that time daily to get the writing done. It will be well worth it if getting your thought leadership out there is important to you!