Do you drive away customers inadvertently?

You may have a website that is fine and informative and otherwise gets the job done but there may be areas in it that could improve. Is it responsive—meaning adaptable to smaller screens like smartphones and tablets? If not that can turn away customers since over half of internet traffic comes from mobile devices these days.

Modern tragedy, pastel of cracked iPhone

Don’t have a site that breaks on mobile devices!


Or it may be something small and not that noticeable that bothers the people you are trying to target. Do you drive away customers inadvertently?

I know that when I encounter a site that takes too long to load I’m out of there. Or if music or a video starts to play the moment I land on the site and I didn’t expect it I’m gone. Then there’s the website that has the navigation in a different place on every page. That could definitely frustrate a would-be client/customer. These are some of the examples of ways your website could be driving away the people you want to attract.

If a feature is off-putting to your audience it’s not worth keeping. We can look at your site and recommend the tweaks needed to remove anything getting between you and your customers. It may be an easy fix and just the thing to get your business website helping instead of hurting you!

Keeping up with Design

I used to try running for exercise. It didn’t really take. I got as far as running a 5k once and not walking at any point during it, which was my goal. Once I accomplished that I no longer kept running as much and finally not at all. If I were to try a 5k run now there’s no way I could keep from walking a lot of it! Why? Because I’m no longer training to go that far. But I am keeping in design practice. I have a job designing every day plus I add to that with short learning sessions almost daily on This keeps me ready for the next design project to come along. I’m in practice and have kept up design skills and an ever-growing knowledge of the programs I use. It gives me the confidence that I can take on any new project and run with it!