A Professional Organizer wanted to get branding for his new downsizing and organizing company based in Princeton, NJ. It had to look organized, naturally, since he wanted to impress his target audience with that ability


Working with this client and his wife, a Brand Manager for a well-known ad agency, we were able to narrow down the colors and brand feel he was going for. The timeline was short because he wanted it all up and running before an Organizers Conference in Florida he had signed up to attend. I showed them some logos including one with an icon using a house image. They loved it and I immediately added it to the website, the business card right away, then the letterhead, envelope, folder, name tag, and car magnet as well as a trifold brochure later on.


My client was able to get a whole business off the ground and bringing in income confidently and consistently almost as soon as the materials were in hand. It boosted his ability to make valuable connections at the conference and to create a following on social media and in the surrounding area, forming a basis for exponential business growth!

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