What to do if you don’t know design

Published On: 19 Apr, 2023

You may be thinking as a business owner, “I don’t know graphic design. I don’t know where to start.” If that’s the case, I’m here to help. I can work with you to take on the harder design stuff. While leaving enough for you to do yourself (if you want) to keep costs down (if that’s a concern).

All of my clients do something other than graphic design as the main focus of their business. They’re consultants, advisors, and doing other service businesses. They shouldn’t have to worry about how to place images and fonts together or stay within their brand guidelines. There are too many other things to do that take their specific skill!

Helping you grow your business is my goal!

Many come to me at the start of building their business. That’s great. I can help with logo design, branding of marketing materials, and strategies to get established.

But I can also be a good resource to continually come back to. As your business grows I can take on more design work for you, such as I do for my most successful clients. One grew his client base by one third working with me monthly to keep consistent branding. All his client-facing emails and reports go out designed to be on brand. That professional look has aided his business growth! If that sounds interesting to you and you would like that kind of success for your business, contact me!

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