Why you are no longer busy in your business and how to fix it

Published On: 5 Oct, 2021

Many times we business owners are so busy working on projects for our clients that we stop marketing. Then suddenly we’re no longer busy.

What gives?

What it means is that without marketing our businesses we no longer have a pipeline for new clients to find us. But this is a cycle that tends to repeat itself.

How can we market when we’re busy?

Then what should we do when we aren’t busy anymore and have to scramble to attract new clients? This problem can be fixed with a monthly (or more often) email newsletter. It’s something that can be set up with your branding on a platform like Constant Contact. Because it’s a continuing way to stay top-of-mind with clients and prospects it can lead to a steady stream of new clients and referrals.

Why you are no longer busy in your business and how to fix it

Great ways to use a newsletter is to report company news, promote events, give discounts to your newsletter subscribers, do a behind-the-scenes story, etc. There’s a great discount this month if you sign up for a managed account with me. I will design a template to match your brand and get you started on an easy, ongoing way to grow your business!

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